Vehicle Decal Installation

Boreal Signs has years of experience and the proper installation techniques to apply graphics to vehicles, boats, sleds, RV’s, equipment and more. We make sure your vehicle is properly measured before producing the decals to verify that the design will fit. We encourage customers to bring their vehicle to our warehouse where we have several drive-in heated bays. It is best to apply graphics indoors under controlled temperature and free of wind and dust.
We recommend that vehicles be washed in a car wash a few hours before scheduled installations. Once the vehicle is brought into our warehouse we clean it with isopropyl alcohol or other cleaners to remove any remaining oily residue and dirt before beginning installation.


Signs/Billboard Installation

Boreal Signs provides sign installation services when required. We install all sizes of signs right from a 18″ x 24″ sign up to 12 ft. x 12 ft. billboard. Framing and posts are included in our installation fee. If site visits are required we will accommodate this request. During site visits accurate measurements are performed to ensure that placement and site location are suitable.